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The world will be player driven - this means MOST houses and buildings in towns will be designed and built by players.  This includes shops, homes, gardens etc. by building in a town you will be able to trade goods with other people for things you may need.  It is planned to have different wood types be textured differently this may not be the case right off the bat, but understand it is planned.  Areas available for purchase will have purchase signs.  By walking up and interacting with the sign default key 'e' you will be given a prompt to purchase the land if you have the required funds.  To keep people from buying up land and never logging in a fee will be charged weekly probably between 5% and 10% of the initial cost of the land.  If they do not pay then the land lot will be put up for sale.  There will also be a grace period for the people to be able to login and pay currently thinking one week would be plenty of time.  You will also be able to run a shop out of your house so in a way it can pay for itself if you are a skilled craftsman (planning on custom crafting of chairs, tables, benches, and more).

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