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What have I been doing?
Fixed the AI with falling over on hills changed the code to be a bit faster as well. All in all it was a win for the AI coding tonight....
and we now have storage chests that can store between 0 and 64 items! I need to make some designs for in game, but the code is working!
Added support for AI to chase the player, attack, and search for players that were seen, but have either hidden or ran out of range.
Rewrote the AI to be more robust, better path finding, fluid animations, ability to give resistances, and aggro lists so players with the most aggro will be chased down instead of just the first target. Still a WIP and more testing to follow, but for the past week or so I have been designing the new basic AI to behave properly with as little overhead as possible.
So much has happened since my last post!

----Cave design is up and working.

as well as Dungeon design.

Now all we need is for some random gen code to make caves and dungeons a bit more randomized....

Base building seems to be working perfectly well for us at the moment.  It's a minecraft like situation, but it works and should give players plenty of control over how their houses look.

The crafting system is in and I am working on many more recipes for players to use. 

Still need to make the recipes accept generic items in creation, but that shouldn't be too hard.

Lots of terrain redesign and texturing - days of this making things look a bit nicer and more nodes to gather resources from.

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